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Clum Forestry Consultants was established in 1997. In January 2020, Randy and Koral Clum sold their company to long-time employee and forester, Keith Daisher. The business name was changed to Clum-Daisher Forestry, LLC to celebrate the passing of the torch to a new generation of forester.


As of January 2022, the Clums have officially retired. Keith Daisher continues on with the legacy of the business and all that he has learned from working alongside the Clums for many years. Joining the team is consulting forester, Richard Neal, who brings along many years of experience in the industry as well. Clum-Daisher Forestry is here to help you meet all of your forestry needs and to ensure your woodland acres are healthy and enjoyed to the fullest! Our service area includes Northeast, Central, and Southeast Ohio.

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The primary reason Clum-Daisher Forestry exists is because it can be very complicated and difficult for landowners to sell timber on their own. A harvest is something that many will only experience once or twice in their life time, so one of the main things we do for our clients is support them through the timber sale process. There is no escaping the truth that the “best price” may not be the “best deal” when it comes to harvesting trees. 


There are laws that allow you to save money on your property taxes in Ohio. You might be eligible for Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) or the Ohio Forest Tax Law (OFTL). For either program, the landowner needs a written 10-year Forest Management Plan. We can write the plan for you, based on your objectives. If your land is not already enrolled in one of these programs, it is worth checking into. CAUV requirements differ from county to county – we can help you navigate the best options for your woodland.

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Successful forest management needs to start with the landowner’s personal goals. Your list of objectives might include the following: income (for college tuition, farm upkeep, retirement, etc), forest health, deer habitat, trail development, family recreation, tax liability reduction, water quality, erosion control, or just preserving the beauty of a special spot. What matters most about YOUR woods? We would enjoy getting to know you and your land and help out by talking through your options with you.

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Appraisals are important for many different reasons. You may need one during the transfer of an estate, to establish a basis to reduce your tax liability, to settle a legal dispute, or simply because you want to know the value of your forest asset. We can complete an inventory which will help meet your needs.


Sometimes land & forest management involves getting up close & personal to survey individual trees to inform management strategies, to protect against the spread of disease, to mitigate hazards & ensure tree safety.

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