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timber sales 


The primary reason Clum-Daisher Forestry exists is because it can be very complicated and difficult for landowners to sell timber on their own. A harvest is something that many will only experience once or twice in their lifetime, so one of the main things we do for our clients is support them through the timber sale process. There is no escaping the truth that the “best price” may not be the “best deal” when it comes to harvesting trees. We can help you with the following steps to a successful timber sale:

  • Identify which objectives are most important to you

  • Select the trees for sale and mark them clearly with paint at eye level and at the stump.

  • Prepare bid prospectus, listing the number of trees for sale, average diameter, board footage, etc.

  • Solicit bids for the trees

  • Facilitate contract signing with a high bidder

  • Monitor the sale while it is in progress

  • Ensure that the sale is closed out with the proper Best Management Practices (for example: water bar installation if needed, seeding, appropriate clean-up, etc)

  • Ease your mind. Professional foresters are here to represent and protect your interests.

Randy and Koral have been working in the woods as foresters since 1979 and Keith Daisher has been working alongside them since 2013. We have learned quite a few things along the way and can help determine if you have enough trees for a successful timber sale, keep an eye on timber market fluctuations for you, and help ensure that your forest is well taken care of through the entire harvesting process. We want to make sure that your woods is protected for future generations to come. If this is something you are interested in now or would like to learn about for the future, we would love to help you out.

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